NEW RELEASE: Beta Boy Cuckold Cleanup

This may just be my favorite book yet! It's a total fantasy of being a cuckold cleanup slave for the BNWO, complete with massive amounts of cum, chastity, a dominant shemale doctor, and plenty more. It's so hot, writing it just about melted my chastity cage!

Beta Boy Cuckold Cleanup: Bisexual Cuckold Gangbang Erotica

18 years from today . . .

The Black New World Order has arrived, but there are still white communities scattered across America that stubbornly cling to a legacy of intolerance and hatred. Kyle's father is the leader of one such community, and he's ready for his son to step up and ensure the continued purity of the white race. He's invited the community's most prominent citizens to attend Kyle's 18th birthday ceremony, where they expect to watch him claim a white bride and publicly take her virginity - as their own sons have done before him.

Except, Kyle has no intention of taking a bride, and no desire to further his father's outdated agenda. He's made his own plans, and with the help of 6 beautiful white virgin girls, 18 black Alpha Males, and 1 BBW shemale doctor, he's going to give the community a hot, creamy lesson in black superiority that they will never forget!

There will be brides claimed tonight, but it won't be by Kyle. This beta boy cuckold is going to be too busy watching them get blacked, cleaning up their messes, thanking their black Masters for the privilege, and preparing to give away something far more valuable than just his virginity.

His manhood.

Beta Boy Cuckold Cleanup is a 21,000-word adult story of a virgin white boy learning the pleasures of being a cuckold cleanup slave for the Black New World Order, compete with BBC cuckolding, an interracial gangbang. bisexual discovery, SPH humiliation, shemale domination, erotic castration, and more!

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